Legal Academy

We deliver in-house training programs to organizations ranging from:

  • Off-the-peg programs based on the course portfolio of legal integrity where the content and format are entirely based on the existing course outline.
  • Tailored programs where we adopt the course length, content and emphasis to suit client’s objectives and requirements.
  • Bespoke training programs where we work with you to indentify your specific business needs and leaving goals and develop a training & development program to meet these needs.

We can also provide expert consultancy guidance to help you develop, for example new policies and procedures, and then deliver an in-house training program to key people in your organization.

In–house programs are a highly flexible, efficient, cost & time-effective way to get maximum return on your training investment.

We are also specialized in providing continuous professional development programs to prospective & junior lawyers, frontline managers, middle and senior management of companies, institutions and organizations.

Our most opted course modules are on PoSH Act 2013, Mediation & Negotiation, Basics of Advocacy.

Services offered Includes: –

  • Representation in various courts and tribunals
  • Strategic legal advice including drafting and representation in all types of commercial, civil Representation before various statutory authorities and government officials.
  • Appearing on behalf of various banks, governmental bodies, new town planning authorities, corporate, high net-worth individuals, builders and developers in various courts and tribunals.