HR, Employment & Industrial Relations

Legal Integrity has a special team consisting of experts in International Human Resource Management and Management Consulting along with lawyers having significant experience in Labour and Industrial Laws. Our team members have wide experience of people management issues and employment policies and practices. We also represent the management before Tribunals, Commissions, and other Quasi-Judicial and Judicial bodies in matters connected with employment and industrial disputes. 

 Our practice in Employment and Industrial Relations assists management in understanding and incorporating industrial relations policies and employment practices, complying with labor legislation as well as licensing and regulation of the sector.

We at Legal Integrity advise, guide and support for all aspects of Human Resources activities in relation to on all legal matters relating to employment, termination & compensation and benefits policies-

Services offered Includes: –

  • Drafting, standardization, and review of employment agreements with obligatory employment law and national collective agreements
  • Confidentiality /Non-disclosure agreements
  • Reviewing and drafting personnel policy/manuals, handbooks
  • Advising on compliances & regulatory issues
  • Statutory compliance audit
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Advice and guidance on preparation and filing of returns for various statutory requirements
  • Conducting legal audit and due diligence for compliances
  • Advising on data protection and privacy issues
  • Litigation strategy
  • Representation before the tribunal, commissions, and other quasi-judicial and judicial bodies in matters connected with employment and industrial disputes.
  • Training & Development, workshops, seminars for staff, and management on relevant employment laws and people management policies.