We believe in direct communication

Welcome to Legal Integrity

Established initially as a litigation and commercial law firm, Legal Integrity evolved as a full service law firm with the surfacing needs of changing times.

We feel proud to find ourselves at the forefront of legal discipline, offering advisory services and litigation services to institutions, corporations and individuals and have a proven successful track record in Navi Mumbai-Panvel & District Raigad.

Taking this as a primary advantage firm has evolved from its conventional litigation practice to full service law firm.



What we do

While emerging as a full service law firm we are providing legal advisory and consultancy services to the enterprises, small scale industries, individual business houses and individuals in their ordinary course of business which may refer to-

* Providing professional legal opinions on legal issues.
* Providing professional legal answers or explanations on legal issues orally or taking the form of legal opinion letters if deemed necessary.
* Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts in daily business operations.
* Conducting legal due diligences so as to comply with applicable laws to the business.
* Providing updated information on relevant and applicable laws, policies and judicial developments.
* Providing legal training to enterprises/employees.