We deliver in-house training programs to organizations ranging from:

  • Off-the-peg programs based on the courses portfolio of legal integrity where the content and format is entirely based on the existing course outline.
  • Tailored programs where we adopt the course length, content and emphasis to suit client’s particular objectives and requirements.
  • Bespoke training programs where we work with you to indentify your specific business needs and leaving goals and develop a training & development program to meet these needs.

We can also provide expert consultancy guidance to help you develop, for example new policies and procedures, and then deliver an in-house training program to key people in your organization.

In –house programs are a highly flexible, efficient, cost & time effective way to get maximum return on your training investment.

Some of our most popular programmes include:

Fundamental of Employment Law

This interactive one-day course provides a foundation in the basic elements of employment law. It enables you to handle the common employment issues that arise on a day-to –day basis, in a positive manner.

Fundamentals of Employment Contracts 

 This one-day course gives you and understanding of contract law and how it applies to employment. It takes you through the essential elements of the contractual relationship and looks at the importance of terms of employment from the beginning to the end of the employee-employer relationship. This one-day course builds on a general knowledge of contract law.

Employment Law for Line Managers

Increasingly, organizations are devolving responsibility for many traditional personnel tasks to line managers. This practical one-day course will provide line managers with an overview of the important elements of employment law, plus practical guidance on how to tackle issues that arise at work.